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Samaritan Awards


Samaritan Awards
Wednesday, February 6, 2019, at 6:30 pm
Philomath High School Auditorium

To nominate a Philomath community volunteer for your organization or business online, please visit the following links to submit the appropriate form no later than January 4th.

Samaritan Awards Forms (Printable PDF)

Volunteer Recognition Form (online submission)

First Citizen Awards Form (online submission)

Business/Nonprofit of the Year Form (online submssion)

 Complimentary tickets for the event are available at the Philomath Area Chamber of Commerce office or by contacting us at or (541) 929-2454.


2018 Samaritan Awards

The 2018 Philomath Samaritan Awards were held on Wednesday, February 8th, at the Philomath High School. The Philomath Samaritan Awards are hosted by the Philomath Area Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by local business and organization. The Chamber takes great pleasure in hosting this awards ceremony to honor the volunteers who have been selected by their specific organization for recognition.  

The Philomath First Citizens Awards are to honor members of our community that strive to enhance the lives of those around them. Nominations come from within the community and are judged in the areas of leadership, diversity, longevity, community impact and overcoming adversity. Congratulations to the following 2018 award winners:


First Future Citizen - Aundie McClelland

First Junior Citizen - Royce Markley
First Citizen - Carey Oien
First Senior Citizen - Marilyn Schmidt



2017 Samaritan Awards

Congratulations to the following 2017 award winners:

First Future Citizen - Christopher McMorran

First Junior Citizen - Joe Noble

First Citizen - Inez Erikson
First Senior Citizen - Steven Kearsley



2016 Samaritan Awards

Congratulations to the following 2016 award winners:

First Junior Citizen - Anissa Teslow Cheek

First Citizen - Anna Bowman
First Senior Citizen - Rod Harvey



 2015 Samaritan Awards

Congratulations to the following 2015 award winners:

First Junior Citizen - Nolan Bartlow

First Citizen - Van Hunsaker

First Senior Citizen - Dot Richardson




 2014 Samaritan Awards

Congratulations to the following 2014 award winners:

First Junior Citizen - Evan Kugler

First Citizen - Jeff Light

First Senior Citizen - Tom Wright



Samaritan Award Recipients: Benton Habitat for Humanity - John Vietor, Boy Scout Troop #161 - Brian Jensen, City of Philomath - Matt Bierek and Charla Keoppe, Marys River Quilt Guild - Emily Miller, Philomath Area Chamber of Commerce - Elwin and Jane Callahan, Philomath Booster Club - Forrest Melton, Philomath Community Services - Marti Strapans Barlow, Philomath Downtown Association - Jeff Light, Philomath Frolic & Rodeo - Cindy Beach, Philomath High School - Sharon Brouwer, Philomath Lions Club - Debbie Thorpe, Philomath Middle School - Robin Brattain, Philomath Pastors Fellowship - Barbara Schnake, Philomath Volunteer Fire Department - Joseph Waite, Philomath Youth Activities Club - Tim Searns, Strengthening Rural Families - Deb Conety and Marcia Gilson, Wren Community Club - Alan Silverstein and Joe Whinnery.




2013 Samaritan Awards

Colene Lamberty - Philomath Senior First Citizen


Angie Baca - Philomath First Citizen   



In addition, a variety of Philomath agencies, clubs and institutions nominated volunteers for the Samaritan Awards. Here's a listing of those winners, and the nominating group:


Community Outreach - Sharon Fries, Marys River Quilt Guild - Nancy Bryant and LuAnn Kessi, Philomath Area Chamber of Commerce - Bob Holk, Philomath Booster Club - Brian Thorsness, Philomath Community Services - Deborah S. Williams, Philomath Elementary School - Melissa Sollitt, Philomath High School - Sue Hardin and Shelli Williamson, Philomath Frolic & Rodeo - Colene Lamberty, Philomath Lions Club - Rudy Westin, Philomath Middle School - Tom & Kiki Klipfel, Philomath Pastors Fellowship - Aaron Rutledge, Philomath Police Department - David Baker, Philomath Youth Activities Club - Dan & Lynda McGarry, and Rotary Club of Philomath - Josh Kvidt.